Providing for the needs of the children of NEPO


Thank you for reading this and for considering what role you can play in the ministry of NEPO Boys’ Home. All of the children of NEPO have experienced very difficult circumstances. Many have suffered from malnutrition, and a quite a few have been abused. Others have lost their parents to death or have been abandoned by their relatives. These children need as much prayer and care as possible.

Since 1963 the NEPO Boys’ Home has been caring for orphan boys. The NEPO Boys’ Home does more than feed and clothe the boys who come to the Home. Boys come to the Home usually by order of a local judge, and they are searching for love and care. When they come, they find people who are ready to minister to their basic needs. Many children have come and gone through the long years of ministry. Within those years there have been good and bad times. However, God, through His grace and mercy has not forsaken the many children who have sought help during distressing times.


Currently there are 14 boys ranging from 7 months to 17. There are two sets of three brothers! Each one of the boys comes with unique challenges and family situations. Some of them will hopefully be released to adoption/foster care this year, but the system moves slowly and in the meantime these boys need care.

There are several ways you can make a difference in these children’s lives. These do not take very much time or effort, yet they can make a big impact in a child’s life. Please pray about helping in one of the following ways:

First, you may choose to be a Prayer Pal. This involves committing to constantly be in prayer for one or several of the boy(s), and/or missionary(s). We cannot stress enough the power of prayer! We have prayer cards available for each of the kids, and each missionary.

You may also commit to being a Pen Pal to addition to being a Prayer Pal. This involves committing to write to a child at least four times a year and to pray for the child regularly. This is an extremely important ministry, since most of the children have experienced rejection in their lives and need to experience committed unconditional love. Please click here to sign up to be an Operation Prayer Pen Pal!

You may also choose to be a Financial Sponsor. Financial sponsorship involves making a commitment to send a fixed amount of money (at least $10 US, $15 Canadian) to the Apostolic Christian Church Foundation each month (For Canadians the Apostolic Christian Church Mission Board of Canada). Earmark it for NEPO Boys’ Home. Any money you send goes into the NEPO general fund to help provide for your child’s needs; it does not go directly to a specific child.

nepo3Whether you choose to be a Pen Pal, a financial sponsor, or prayer pal, you will receive a picture and history of the member of the NEPO Boys’ Home that you are writing to. If you choose any of the above options, you will be contacted approximately once a year about whether you want to continue this ministry.


If you are interested in any part of Operation Prayer, please fill out the information on the commitment form, indicating the ministry or ministries you want to commit to.

Thank you for sharing in the ministry of NEPO Boys’ Home.


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