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All Proceeds will go to benefit PNG

On February 25, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Papua New Guinea that has led to much destruction. Houses and buildings were collapsed, roads were blocked off by landslides, food was destroyed, and many people have died in result.
It is a massive destruction that has been ongoing and causing many to lose their lives. More than hundreds of people have died so far, and yet some are still dying, with more than thousands injured with massive environmental damage to homes and infrastructures. The earthquake has triggered many landslides which continue to cause more damage.
There is so much need in PNG right now.

Please pray
-For all those who are so deeply affected by this, and still living in fear of the aftershocks that are happening.
-For continued strength and wisdom for the church leaders.
-For the needed resources to rebuild churches, homes, a sawmill, a meeting tent, and much more.
-For short term mission workers who will attempt to encourage and support the church in its efforts.
-For continued passion to save the lost, make disciples, and plant new churches.